We have all seen these ads below…. they are the ones that you cannot  fast forward over , so you have to watch whether you like it or not.

When you watch it, do they make you think at all about Piracy? Or do you think that it is just a way to try scare people?

We could say that as media grows, so too do the all rules and regulations that are attached to it. The media is now an intruder in our everyday lives, we can see a moral panic surrounding families beginning to emerge. Strict rules about media usage are less likely to exist because media is so embedded in our lives, we live, love and breathe media.

This also comes with age. As many others would know, when we became older, we began to use media in everyway possible, through the television, online, and on laptops and phones. Along with this increased usage came new limitations, particularly online. We could only access certain television shows if they were ‘available in my country’ and we constantly downloaded music off ‘LimeWire’ (remember. These illegal downloads may have even caused a fair few viruses on our families PC (Woops).

Is all this panic caused us all to be assumed pirates, when we go to the cinema or are online we are being constantly watched and monitored. No longer can you sit back in the cinema and think that no one is watching as cameras will greet your every wrong doing.

In an article Anti-Piracy Tool For Cinemas Will Recognize Emotions it states that:

Hindering piracy is priority number one for movie theaters nowadays. In dealing with a tiny minority, theater owners are slowly alienating their customers by employing measures such as metal detectors, night-vision goggles, bag and body searches and audio watermarks. Everyone is treated as a potential pirate.

We even know are surrounded and influence by television reality shows such as Big Brother who is all about watching people and see what happens when people are manipulative and sly, what does this say for the society we are becoming?

What is this saying that is okay to watch people in private settings and on the other side of this when looking at Cinemas we are not trusted!

We live in a society now where the norm is to be watched at every moment, because of poeple that like to test the system and commit illegal actions.


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