I SAID MULTITASKING … Beeppp, Hold on just texting, and watching this clip on Youtube!

PICTURE THIS: Your sitting in a room, your alone. Yet, you have about 8-10 tabs opened on your laptop, your TV is on because you are catching up on an episode that you missed, plus your texting about a zillion people at the same time, Oh and you just made cupcakes which are in the oven!!!!

Is this you??


Is this a concerning problem? (FACT WHY TO SAY NO TO MULTITASKING)

Would the quality of work and life be a lot smoother if we were to stop and do one thing at a time with no distractions… who are we kidding we couldn’t stop that even if we tried. Its part of the social norm of life to be constantly trying to cram in as much as we can into our day in order to feel accomplished that we got as much as we can do. We always want more, whether it be in time, money, love or friends… there’s just never enough!

I notice everytime I’m in a lecture the amount of people who have multiple tabs opened ranging from Youtube clips, checking their social status on Facebook to online shopping while writing notes on what they are taking in from the lecture… it is crazy!
Why have we become such multi-taskable people, is this a positive for us in the future, will jobs expect more because of this? We will ever burn out from overdoing things?

I think it has made us a society of risk takers, we are now starting to increase this multitasking trend into dangerous situations and people have simply, lost their patience skills! Driving and texting has become a big issue, how could texting your mate while driving do you any good when what your texting in that moment isn’t really that important, yet we would risk our life on it. Why can’t we wait?

While you are reading this blog STOP and see how much of a multi-tasker you?

  • How many tabs have you got open?
  • Are you listening to your Ipod?
  • Watching the Beyonce and Jay Z tour?
  • Is the TV on?
  • Are you texting people?
  • Are you online shopping?
  • Are you also cooking?



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