▶ Get Off The Phone Song – YouTube

Picture this… your out for lunch/dinner/clubbing/wedding etc and you look around and all the people that are in the same area are on their phones either texting, taking selfies or looking at social media. What has the world come to, where is the socialising without the interference of technology. We are living in a world that technology has become an obsession. We are constantly updating our pictures and documenting our lives to the world to show people what we are doing or where we are!

But what are we trying to prove, by taking part in the phone obsessed trend, what are we getting out of it?

You go on to Instagram and people are basically showing off amazing outfits or beautiful scenery from their holiday, or delicious food that someone is eating, we basically can know a lot about what people are doing because we are so attached to our devices constantly updating the page to see newer posts.


Funny Smartphone Addicts Commercial Funny Clip 2013 – YouTube

How would you feel if you had left your phone at home and didn’t have it for a whole day…

Can you imagine the meltdown; missing out on stalking people, and taking pictures and making out that you have the perfect life. What a disaster Quick drop everything your doing and run back home and get it right…

This Video shows an example of how much we could be missing out on because we are looking down rather than up and away from our phones.


Look Up – YouTube


 I see it like this our phone devices are an extension of ourselves we wake up with it sleep with it, use it when we are eating, socializing, bored (On the toilet)… Its something we cannot go a day without, and its like death has struck if it’s broken.


Donna Haraway (1991, p.291) , in her chapter, “A Cyborg Manifesto”, describes the cyborg as the “hybrid of machine and organism”.


Are we; those who rely on technology as a source of information, as an outlet to communicate, to learn, to function, TO BREATHE, are we any different from this description?


In summary Haraway states (1991, p.294) that there is a direct connection between us and our tools to the point where it is almost impossible to distinguish a difference. “Machines are everywhere and they are invisible”. “Biological organisms have become biotic systems, communications devices like others.” (Haraway, 1991, p. 313) She also states that modern humans, using technology experience a trancelike state. (Haraway 1991)


We are not living in the moment if we keep looking down at our phones, imagine how much we are missing because we simply didn’t look up. 






Haraway, DJ 1991, ‘A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology and socialist-feminism in the late twentieth century’, in Simians, cyborgs and women: the reinvention of nature, Free Association, London, pp. 291-324.


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