This weeks task involved the participation of going to the movies, umm yeah I can do that, I love the fact that it is homework and something that I wanted to do anyway, so worked out well for me!!


My boyfriend had come down from Griffith to visit me for my birthday, so we were supposed to go to the beach but because the weather decided to have a cry on us we then changed plans and checked out the movies. We got to the cinema at 1:45pm unaware of what was on or what we wanted to watch. ‘LUCY’ was screening at 2pm; perfect! We both hadn’t seen it so worked out that we both agreed to watch it.

We were at the Bondi Junction cinemas so made our way to the candy bar, which was to my surprise self serve, get your own popcorn, drink, and lollies; set up like a supermarket scene. It was strange to me that we now serve yourself to whatever you want, probably makes you buy more as you don’t have to line up and debate about what you want to get, you just grab it.


For me the movies is best suited to when the weather is cold and raining, or if you want to go on a date, or just simply fill in some time.
Another reason to go is for a catch up with friends and allocating a time that suits us all to make the effort to go to the movies usually after or before dinner.

The whole idea of the movies has a lot of planning and time allocation attached to it. You have to tell the person you are planning to go with, sort out what movie you both want to see, pick a day and time, outfit etc there is a lot to it besides just sitting in a dark room for a few hours.

Hägerstrand emphasized the importance of time in human activity.


“Time has a critical importance when it comes to fitting people and things together for functioning in socio-economic systems,” he noted.

Hence, a given location may be near an individual, but if a person cannot allocate enough time to travel to it, spatial proximity alone will not be enough to allow the person to visit it. Hägerstrand aslo came up with the concept of a space-time path to illustrate how a person navigates his or her way through the spatial-temporal environment

Anyway back to my experience, as we walked into the cinema room allocated to us on our ticket with seat number as well, we were astounded that we were the only two people in the whole room! At first it was like ‘is this movie going to be a flop’ then we were happy we didn’t have to worry about other people making noise or sitting next to us. Then about five minutes later BAMMM… an influx of latecomers appeared to fill the space.

The movie was actually pretty good, was intense for the mind to process but all in all I would recommend it to people to check out.

Corbett, J 2014, Torsten Hägerstrand: Time Geography, accessed 28/08/2014, http://www.csiss.org/classics/content/29


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