I need you to hurry up now, I cant wait much longer.. Better, faster, stronger!!


It fascinates me everyday just how much we have become so reliant upon the Internet. I sometimes think:

 Where would we be if it just never existed?

How would our home lifestyle change?

What if there was:

No social media.

No easy ways to look up information.


We would have to wait for the news to be on TV and in print media.

But some other things play on my mind:

Would we have as many friends as we do now?

What sort of people would we have become if there were no Internet?

Would we have better face-to-face skills in communicating?

I guess we will never know…

There is now all this talk of a better faster future for the Internet with NBN:


The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australia wide project to upgrade the existing fixed line phone and Internet network infrastructure. It is essential for Australia’s transition to a digital future. Fast broadband has the potential to fuel growth and drive improvements to local economies, businesses and homes, bringing new opportunities to the whole country.


The Internet has not only revolutionised the way we communicate to each other, its changed how we locate and source information and has provided us with such an array of different kinds of media. But we could also say that the internet has made us an impatient society, we live in a world that wants things to come to us quicker that a click, there is no expectations of waiting because you can just type in the search bar what you want to know and BAMMM… you got the answer.

I look at my parents and the way they were bought us in a world that is so different and un-media-rised. Their excitement was the introduction of colour TV.

When I was little I remember there was a computer in the office of our home, it was chunky and heavy and you wouldn’t be able to move it around the house like we can these days with our portable laptop devices.


It stayed in this space always. I only ever used the computer to play games and solitaire, I wasn’t aware of the Internet… yet!

How naive was I… I had no idea back then that the Internet would play a huge role in my life and that I would be using it all the time as I do now.

Since then we have now seen technology develop and provide us with newer and more advanced devices that not only allow us to call but we have internet access, apps, social media and heaps more all in a small compact smart phone that you carry around all day long.

Nansen et al (2013, p9) touches on the point about the ecology of the networked home under the NBN. And that for it to be successful the NBN “Infrastructure needs a whole range of ancillary…devices and applications to emerge and converge within the digital household, including the domestic hardware devices, internal connections (and) software.”


My mum who has a smart phone is head over heels about it, she can look us recipes on the go, put her grocery list in it, set reminders for appointments, and she even has ‘Snapchat’, who would of thought someone who never grew up with the internet obsessive generation has now adapted and learnt how to use this to her advantage.

In my household we have 5 Smartphone’s, 3 laptops and 3 Ipods, all-joint to our wireless connection in the home. We are pretty content with this amount of technology and haven’t really needed to add any more.

The thought of the Internet becoming faster comes to a relief to many, we all can’t stand when the rainbow-loading wheel just doesn’t stop and take us the page. Even the stress of the Internet being slow out of nowhere is a killer for my mum as well. When we click on something or download we want it Pronto!

Although this is all well and good and the Internet is a very useful source it can also be problematic, I look at the younger generations who have only ever know the Internet to play a consistent role in their lives, they know no different. Its pretty sad that children are only interested in the internet and their devices, the need for them to go out and make friends in a social context isn’t needed as with a click of a button they can add whom ever they want on their social media platforms.

I asked my mum how did she communicate and how she kept the romance in her relationship with my dad, she said that they would write letters, and ring each other when they could on their landline televisions. She said it was the wait of excitement for when you get a letter in the mail from your admirer.

Now days there isn’t that effort needed to have relationships, we can constantly have access to them through social media, with a click on applications such as ‘SKYPE’; there is who ever you want to talk to appearing on your screen in no time and at anytime that suits you.

Some positives raised in the reading by Nansen et al (2013) which are what most people would have to say about NBN connections in households seems to be that:

“I think the faster Internet the better, just in terms of less frustrating, you get information quicker and easier and enables you to get on with what you are doing.”

“I think it’s a good thing. It will help face to face over the Internet communication.”

“Hopefully it will reduce the need for travel and car use when more people can work from home. I think it should be rolled out in rural areas first though. That’s where the real need is. We city folk get everything!”

I agree with the above statements, and definitely think that faster internet will allow for more tasks to be accomplished in a shorter time therefore more time to enjoy the other things you want to do.


Nansen, B., Arnold, M.,Wilken, R. and Gibbs, M (2012) “Broadbanding Brunswick – High-speed Broadband and Household Media Ecologies: A report on household take-up and adoption of the National Broadband Network in a first release site” Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, Sydney, Australia. Accessed online 20 August 2014 <http://accan.org.au/files/Broadbanding_Brunswick.pdf>


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