Every Flick, Click and Tune….. WE ARE WATCHING YOU!

It scary to think, But we are constantly watched and monitored in our everyday lives.


What we choose to watch on TV, What we click on the Internet to what radio station we tune into etc.
This is helping someone to measure audiences use and provide them with information on what’s hot and what need to be worked on in order to gain attention, what is the most suitable time patterns that people access these media platforms.

For example,Nielsen TV Audience Measurement has been established to determine the viewing behavior of the Australian metropolitan TV audience and thereby establish a ‘rating’ for each minute of broadcast time. This ‘rating’ becomes the currency that facilitates the purchase and sale of TV broadcast time.


This is also now seen on Facebook; they somehow know what I like, through what I look up on the Internet and me so well. Facebook Ads that pop up are usually to do with shopping and sales which is what I am interested in. It’s amazing that something so massive and diverse can be designed and specialized to suit my desires and hobbies.
Measuring audiences can help to know what advertisements to air, who is watching what and what times are appropriate to air certain advertisement and TV programs.

In class it was also brought up that Electricity companies also gain an advantage through this measuring of audience to see when people are mostly using there television and other electrical devices in order to change rates, sneaky aren’t they.

The question of privacy to be able to do as you please when you want is gone! There is someone looking at what your doing all the time and recording your clicks and channel flicks.

Your probably being measured right now as your reading this blog….



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