An Interview with My Mum: Television

Something that has changed before our eyes is Television, our generation of today has become so used to high tech devices and portable technology that we lose sight of how it was before this all came to be..

I decided to interview my Mum, on how television was for her growing up.

My mum grew up in Griffith NSW on a orange farm. She lived with her Mum, Dad, two brothers and one sister.
She said growing up they had two black and white TV’s till she was the age of 10, then her dad one day said that he had a surprised and brought a colour TV. She says it was like winning the lottery and that she had thought they were going to get fish and chips as they didn’t get take out very often.

The Television was placed in a lounge room It was a big box on legs which took a lot of space we had photo frames on the top and a lamp. So was used as a mantle piece to place items of significance on. They had a small black and white TV in the dining room, which we used to play Pac man on, and watched the news at dinnertime only.

When I asked her what memories she had of this time she said that they were Happy ones. She loved to watch TV with her cousins. She stated “We pretend we were on Young talent Time and we always entered competitions on Simon Townsend’s wonder world show”.

Her place when watching TV was on the floor in front of the TV. “I mainly sat by myself as I was the youngest and my brothers and sister were working or going out” Mum said.
She said that she was Happy with how television was back then as the shows were not violent or scary just happy stories about average family’s I loved to watch ‘The Brady Bunch’ and ‘Happy Days’ the most. Compare this to how she thinks of Television today, she states “They don’t seem to hold back on today’s TV exposing crime sex and drugs it was a lot hidden away when I was growing up and TV reflected on how simple our lives were…”

Its crazy to think of how different life back when my parent were growing up was to how we are brought up into a world where it’s the social norm to be up-to-date with the latest and greatest televisions and technological and the array of programs we have to choose from. It scary to think of how much more advanced its going to get for generations to come, that they will think of how we live now.


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