Let’s Reflect.

kid 1

It has come to that time again in the term, where we look back and reflect on how much we have learnt in the past six weeks in BCM110. This subject has made me become more media aware of what is happening and how to really apply theories, concepts and ideas to make more out of what we are seeing and learning.

Looking at media effect and how sometimes the media causes things to happen, which we could then link to arise of moral panic within a society on particular issues. The media audience is portrayed as being gullible victims and easily influenced by what the media spoon feeds to us. To me personally I think it comes down to an individual’s education and media exposure that determines the gullibility and influential impact. I know that my Nonna (Grandmother) believes everything that is in the news and media; she will not hesitate calling me to inform me of what is going on and how bad things are.
An interesting theory was the ‘Cultivation theory’. Looking at it in relation to violence and how the exposure to this cultivates on its effects. Violence on screen cultivates violence in society. An example of this is seen in cartoon for children. There can be a blur in the real vs. fantasy violence.

This week we delved into the controversial topic of children and young people in the media. The issues that I correlate to this topic are sexualisation, photography, dramatization, education, bullying and drugs/alcohol. Some of the ideologies we associate to this area are negative and the media are both advocate and the causation to the problems of over sexualised images on media platforms.
Linking this we wonder why children are the focus of so much debate about the role of the media?
The media are supposed to be presenting children as innocent and vulnerable, instead they are seen as older, sexualised and experienced. Take the picture Child Vogue Model , we can definitely see and identify a loss of innocence, premature sexualisation, awkward settings, ritual abuse, blank stares. There comes to me the idea that they are ‘mind controlled children’. Unable to speak for yourself at the age if six, so she is placed there to do what others are telling her making it seem normal and right.

This is then enforcing this idea to society that this is a norm for younger viewers.
Why are young children being shown in magazines such as Vogue, when the audience isn’t aimed at young children? Shouldn’t they be in younger targeted magazines such as Dolly and Girlfriend?
There can be a blurred reaction in relation to the signs coming out of the image. The signifier which is what gives meaning and the signified which is evoked in the mind. So depending of who is viewing this picture, there will be different views, connotations and reactions.
I have so far enjoyed every topic in this subject and have found it very useful; also being able to apply certain knowledge learnt to other subject has been very valuable. This subject has opened my mind, brain and eyes to looking at things in a different spectrum and making me question and think about things that I would not usually do.


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