Aesthetic Journalism- AWARENESS LIKE NO OTHER

To me Sometimes a picture can speak clearer than words on a page. We all have been presented at sometime with images that hit us hard with the causing issue, whether it’s about mortality, child’s rights, Famine or salvation; we can understand it. Cramerotti (2011) acknowledges the visual ability to “inform without informing”, or communicate a message through pure visual means as aesthetic journalism.

Aesthetic journalism informs us without words, we are able to produce meaning by what we see and how we are affected by it, there is no subjection projected to it on how we should be looking at it, no information on what it wants, yet we produce feeling and perceive meaning to what we want it to be.
Images based on famine have the power to impact society, when faced with these images of starvation in children and death it produces much more information than what we read about it. Images leave no room for escape, we see it, its in our mind, your faced with the problem and see for yourself how it looks (no words needed).

Art and journalism can be blurred into one and creates an awareness that should be a stable revelation in everyday journalism as it has the power to obtain more attraction and can better produce attention of society mixing art with real life. Artworks often address social, political, humanitarian and environmental concerns in the language of investigative journalism.’ (Cramerotti, 2011).

Why isn’t images such as representations of inhumane living conditions for people round the world made a more stabilized existence in journalism to get the message out there more and create an awareness that words cannot. (Youtube video on Sudan Famine Awareness)

Cramerotti, A. 2011″What is Aesthetic Journalism,”, in Cramerotti, A. Aesthetic


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