The public sphere is a realm within social life in which public opinion can be formed and which is accessible to all. In this week’s lecture we looked at what Big Brother and The show Q&A have in common which was that they are both example of the mediated public sphere.
Big Brother has contributed to debates in topics such as; gender, sexual identity, cultural difference and political protest etc. we get to see how so many people who are locked in a house, constantly watched and are made to do things to each other in order to win a prize at the end.

We can see in the mediated public sphere attacks being made about many different media texts coming across and being too trivialised, commercialised, and spectacular instead of rational, fragmented and apathetic.
Through commercial advertising especially I see all these 5 critiques occurring. When we view an advertisement we look for attractiveness, attentiveness and the humour of it. Most of the successful ads are this because of the humorous aspects attracted to it.

Beer Ads are a classic example of this. I don’t even drink beer and I love their ads. They are most of the time eye-catching and have a comedic characteristic and story line which is what people want and enjoy. But also can strike controversial perceptions and interpretation may not be taken positively.

Hahn Premium Light Advertisements to me strikes similar debates like Big Brother. The Gondola Fish one in particular, showing the women as sexualised and dressed in revealing clothes, with a romantic setting and love like gestures; to the man pulling out a massive fish a throwing it in her face. The male showing no remorse grabs a beer and enjoys it. This sparks controversy between gender roles and how men are seen to get away with anything and women are expected to take it. It also could spark abuse against women, even though the idea is supposed to be taken in a humorous light, some people in the public sphere will not perceive this as humour. Younger males watching this ad may think it funny to do this action and as time goes on could resort to physical abuse.
There are many issues that can be raised and magnified. The public sphere allows for conversations to occur on issues and situations of interest to people and allows for debates and opinion to rise.



  1. I’ve never seen this ad! In the public sphere, something must trigger debate and these days it is the media. The media play on our inherent want for humour and sometimes rely on the scandalous to provide a talking point. Any publicity is good publicity. I like how you have connected a specific example to a specific debate in the public sphere; ie. gender equality. I totally agree that ads such as these can connote multiple meanings to differing people. We as an audience must be aware of the power of advertising and aware that the media can influence our opinions, even subconsciously. Good job and goodluck with the assignment!

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