What’s Happening to the Media and Who controls it?

This week’s focus was on media ownership and we looked at our views of why we think changes should be made and if so what? How power and status represents those in charge of media today. The lecture pointed out who owns what and how they are all interlinked and coincide with each other.
Looking at this simply I now know that there are six key stakeholders in ownership of mass media in Australia, these are; The Murdoch’s (Rupert and Lachlan) who own a large number of newspapers and shareholdings in Nova and Network Ten, Fairfax who own a large number of newspapers also, Kerry Stokes, a major shareholder in Channel Seven, James Packer owning a substantial share in Network Ten, the Gordon’s (Bruce and Andrew) who own a number of regional television networks and Gina Rinehart who holds stakes in Fairfax and Network Ten.

To me when I think of how the media is controlled, there seems to be overlapping stories and issues that occur to be noted as important. The way they can headline stories of such idiocy as ‘need to know’ information is something that frustrates me with the media of today.
(Look at the video link Chasers War on Everything )
Propaganda is revealed in many media stories, leading me to think how can we believe anything that we are being told?
What can we believe? It’s sometimes based on one’s own personal opinion. (News presenters)

The media is controlling the way we think and the beliefs that we adopt and adapt to in our everyday lives. We have to think about where this source is coming from.
In the lecture this week it was shown how news reporters are made to make massive deals out of small issues, causing havoc and anxiety in today’s society. Headlines such as “the worlds dangerous place” when referring to a local car park for instance is such nonsense making people suspect nothing of the real issues that are so severe around the world.

These issues do affect people’s perception, for instance I know that my Nonna (grandmother) who is always at home and watching the news and current affairs, will ring me and warn me about what she has watched and make sure I either don’t go near the intended place or be careful because on the news they said… she is instantly convinced and perceives the news as the most truthful source and obeys what they state… pretty much so I don’t even try to explain to her that it not true, because her mind is set.

At the end of the day you need to consider when looking into this that whether something is blown out of proportion, of course, often depends on perspective. What strikes some readers and/or viewers as overblown may strike others as perfectly legitimate news.


One thought on “What’s Happening to the Media and Who controls it?

  1. I totally agree with you that we no longer can rely on newspapers for information as it’s very much controlled. In Malaysia, we look to independent online news portals as an alternative ‘more reliable’ source. But of course, there’s always this question of how legit is online news. So, I think it’s good to stay on the fence and take in information from both sides and judge for yourself. What say you?

    Good post! 😀

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