What is this Image Saying??




The advertisement I have chosen to look into is for a fashion label ‘Sisely’. The advertisement could appear controversial at first when looking at the connotations associating the use of drugs, Junkie and trashy. The advertisement shows two women hunched over an item of clothing and using straws to snort it. There is also a small pile of white powder and a credit card to the side of the table. The fine print under the brand name shows the line “Fashion Junkie”.

This could confuse many people looking at this ad, trying to understand what the image is trying to say. The young women in the picture appear unattractive and have stoned look in their eyes, they have smudge makeup and a consumed by the consumption of drugs and the feeling it provides. The colours used are dark and confining, the stand out image is the top and straws are in white and links to the brand being in white, which are colours of the drug, which is related in the ad.

Its like the drug of fashion overrides the actual appearance of drugs itself. Saying that women are addicts of fashion. But then I think what women would want to look this way or be called a junkie??
The connotations that are linked with drugs that come to mind are risks, danger, expensive, death, homeless, addiction and abuse. So it is unusual to see this association of fashion and drugs to be similar.

The women are being controlled by addiction of Fashion/drugs. But isn’t fashion a way to express ourselves how we choose, or is fashion a drug that we look at and want more and more of, we get attracted to its look, how is feels, how much it is, if we are getting enough for what we paid for. So you can see a connotation is how drugs can link to this as one.

This is a very controversial message being put out there in the world, what does it say to young girls looking at this, that fashion and drugs are the same, that if your are buying clothing then you can buy drugs too? It is giving fashion a risky, dark and dangerous view compared to what we are used to seeing. Challenging the way we think, look and feel about fashion.


One thought on “What is this Image Saying??

  1. Very good blog post Natasha! I did my post on the same image too! 🙂
    This is such a bad message sending out to people….these days some advertising campaigns today target teens making this ad highly inappropriate! Adults can laugh it off but kids probably will make the associate of high fashion with high times!!

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