What Happened to Real True Beauty???


When it comes to the media there are many pros and cons attached to it that’s for sure. If we had to sit here and pin point the negatives we would be here all day. The way the media chooses particular situations and representations has caused much speculation for viewers.

Focussing on representation of women:
To me the media has provided society with a spoon feed model to how women are meant to be, act and look; it portrays images of the “perfect female;” one that is nearly impossible to imitate. This then creates are hysteria for women in society to obsess and try to become a replica of the media’s view. In a way women cant help but conform to the medias actions as that is what we see all around us; ads, billboards, magazines etc.

We can also link this to the growing number of women suffering from anxiety, eating disorders, body issues and depression and many more factors.  What ever happened to the notion that beauty comes from ‘within’, the media has not shown to society this concept, and instead has put focus on the exterior elements of beauty, which is wrong.

In many media texts and images the idea of beauty can be something to blame, they seem to be always shown with super skinny and perfect looking women, as if women are not supposed to have flaws or imperfections, so women that are not a size 0 and aren’t perfectly put together like the billboards and beauty/fashion advertisement are basically being ostracized from this ideal women view that’s been injected into everyone’s mind.

The media could be viewed as a trap to individual thinking, it has told us and provided women with sources and products on how to change your appearance. The media taunts young women with images of impossibly beautiful women, leaving many girls and women more susceptible to the development of eating disorders. It is creating young women to question and what beauty is when instead of embracing what beauty they already possess and loving themselves for how they truly are.

A brand that has truly embraced the idea of raw natural beauty is DOVE, they have undertook many campaigns and advertisements for ‘Real Beauty’, showing how natural beauty beats all, and how women should love themselves for what they have.

Marketing Society (2013)  ‘Dove makes it clear it sees beauty in imperfections and doesn’t worship stereotypes. Dove’s beauty is self-defined, beauty with brains, democratic. Dove recognizes not only the exterior, but also the woman within. There is depth of character behind the eyes, a strength and vitality of personality showing through.’




Marketing Society ,2013, Market Leader, Winter 2005. http://www.marketingsociety.co.uk/the-library/how-dove-changed-rules-beauty-game




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