My name is Natasha Fedele. I am currently in my third year studying Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies; Majoring in Marketing communication and Advertising. I started my degree in a Bachelor of Arts and switch last year to BCM and loving it.
I am living in Wollongong whilst in my degree but my hometown which I love visiting in the holidays is in Griffith NSW.

I choose to change my degree to BCM as it offered me a more stabilised pathway of what I want to be with my career. I am interested in Advertising and Marketing and think that I could well adapt to a career in this specialty. The media habits I have acquired is obsession with Instagram and Facebook, these tools also are valuable assets I think in creating brand awareness, it advises on upcoming trends and informs me of the daily news. I can pick and choose what I follow based on my interest; what’s not to love about that!

MY FUTURE…. Hmmmm, well I don’t really like to make plans for my future aspirations as I think making plans is overrated, things happen for a reason and when the time comes for me to make a decision on this area I will. I think it’s all about time and where you are as a person that influences your life’s journey. I obviously hope to be successful and make a difference in some way!
I do have a goal though…. that I would one day be working for the jewellery Label Samantha Wills, as I have a lot of passion and interest in the brand. I have currently started an internship there, which I am very excited about. So I will keep you all updated on what happens! Fingers crossed!

But honestly who knows what future lies ahead, I am just enjoying the ride.


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