What a Semester!!!

Can you believe its already that time of the year where the shops are putting out christmas decorations. I feel like it was yesterday when I started the semester. Time flies when your having fun they say, well to me time has flown by so fast because this semester has been so full on and filled with work and assessments.
time flies

Not always a fun time, but it has been a very interesting semester. Moving to the BCM course and being able to do the major of advertising and marketing has made this semester feel like I am getting somewhere finally with my future and exactly what I want to do. There was a time when I thought to myself how am I going to get through it all, we just do, no matter how tough it gets we make it out just fine. We go through so many stages of stress and time managing problems that we get so overwhelmed with it all at once. Now looking at how far I have come you think why did I stress so much,  Happens every year. It amazes me how much I have accomplished and been able to do, when I thought I had no chance.

I have never really taken a subject that required me to blog, so this has been an interesting part of my degree, letting anyone from anywhere read my words and ideas that I have in this brain of mine. I was a little bit scared of whether I was writing stuff that had an relevance or interest to be read as I guess Im a virgin blogger. Over this time I have enjoyed it and love to be able to voice my opinion and see what people think. It has enabled me to think of topics that I have learnt in class and broaden the overall topic through research and put my own reflection of what i think about it myself.
We have covered a wide range of topics on BCM111, from Hip hop, to globalization, to International education. They have all proved to be interesting to learn about, I have enjoyed all topics in particular the television in translation I thought that was a fun and interesting topic. seeing how different cultures adapt to television and are translated with different meaning to better relate to the intended audience of the country.

time flies

I still can not believe how quickly this has gone and that exams are around the corner, but overall I have enjoyed it all and BCM111 has made me think of topics with a more in-depth view to be able to question and better understand the topics presented, I think this has enabled me to better be able to research and broaden my overall learning capabilities.


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