Do you believe it?

Do you believe it?

When it comes to either reading or watching the news, there appears to be some underlining questions “what is news?” and “what makes news?” they are clearly hard to answer as we ourselves; people of society with no connections have no involvement in what gets published and why so much importance is placed on certain events and people: or do we?

We see a lot in the media footage that has been taken from bystanders phones and cameras, people are now being used as the medias eyes to capture footage that the media agents couldn’t access. How do we know that the source of information hasn’t been altered and tweaked to become more appealing and attention attracting to the audience?
By the time it reaches its readers, the news is the result of a series of selections. Items are from the start called “stories”, and they are shaped into narrative form as soon as possible.
Why is it that we only hear about certain situations that are occurring when there could be bigger and worse of instance happening all over the world yet we would not even know about it? When we take in the news which is pretty much spoon feed to us my higher status branded people and companies, do we sit there and take in what we see or question what is written and why?
For example when the Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away the news all other terrible events were placed on hold as he took up the coverage on news programs and papers. Lots of people pass away so the media chose to place a great emphasis on this death and leave out all the rest in away. Jobs being a significant media role model, but what about the person who created Sony or a brand of car we drive that are well known, we never heard about this instance.

The news is also primarily based on sad and negative stories, as negative news will more easily be consensual and unambiguous in the sense that there will be agreement about the interpretation of the event as negative. Negative news is more unexpected than positive news. When really hearing something positive would probably is more beneficial for everyone’s state of mind.


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