Television Lost in Translation and communication

When we sit down to watch our favourite Television series that we understand and love, do we ever think that there is an exact replica of the show in a different country? Or how other countries would perceive the shows humour and language traits?
To me I do not think that we understand how complex our language and humour is and that how it can get very lost we transferred to other cultures. Comedy depends on the breaking of rules of language and behaviour, which can cause offensive ideals to people who would not usually be associated with such humour.
When looking through an Australian lens of humour there are many differences in the irony and the way we take what is being said in comparison to someone in America watching the same series. When looking at the Television series ‘Angry Boys’ there has been a lot of controversy over the language use and comedic attachments seen to be more racist than funny.
The reaction to the character S’mouse from Open Mike Eagle, MC (Los Angeles) ‘Hell yeah it’s offensive. Blackface is not the kind of thing that just becomes acceptable one day. I don’t give a damn how ‘meta’ this cat thinks he is, it doesn’t give him a pass to exploit the history of race relations for a cheap laugh’.
So comedy in this case through the use of language and imagery hasn’t been translated in a positive way to certain countries that have deep connections with historic influences and the need to keep a conservative outlook when in relation to how far comedy and humour on TV should reach.
Humour is different in every country and the way people think about their comedic Series will translate differently on a global scale. Australian humour can be seen as very offensive and have many racial attachments. American humour is seen to Australians as not as funny in a way because they use different language tools and ideas.
Kath and Kim is an example of how language tools are lost in translation, Australians love the Aussie TV show as it is seen as relatable and the use of slang Australian terms makes it in a way hilarious, whereas other countries do no see how we make these connections because they don’t understand the terms and language used. This causes and shows the gap between different series of Television on a global scale. No humour is the same.


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