We are all impacted by others identity. Focusing on Hip-hop music we can see that a lot of people who use the Music of hip-hop as something that relates and impacts their life to help them discover themselves. There is also a sense that Hip-hop can be used to impact messages and produce critically messages to certain issues.
In the clip above we see quotes like, “ I don’t do the music to get something out of the music… I do the music to give something to the situation” Chuck D.

Hip-hop is a relatable and hard hitting genre, artists are telling stories of their past present and future through rhymes, beats and dance as well as visual surroundings. There is a recurring trend of the way they express affiliations and the belonging to a community. This is on a global and local scale.
Eminem has been a clear example of how his music shows us his identity.

There was the conception that hip-hop belonged to the black African American identity. Eminem being seen as not able to adopt this identity was proven wrong, as he has skilfully placed himself on top, creating a new identity for hip-hop.

His journey of finding himself and the hardship he went through to be where he is today is shown through his music, being aggressive and violent to being concerning, sensible and creating emotional connections to people who may have experienced some similar struggles like he has. In his song I’m not afraid, he is offering for people to take his hand, he wants to help them.

The door to white hip hop artists has been push open and there is an overwhelming amount of artists who know claim to have the hip-hop identity Bliss N Eso are an Australian hip hop group, Maclamore, mcmiller, Lady Sovereign a female artist, acceptance is now a norm as the changes in identity through music are forever growing and becoming more diverse.

Dooley (2007) notes, “globalization and the emergence of mass culture have contributed to replacing traditional identity markers such as class, ethnicity, and community, with market-related ones, depriving us of desired identities (both individual and group). So we could say identity of individuals and groups in hip hop is now looked at now closer to see how well it will sell more than the meaning behind the ways the group or individual firstly are in a raw sense so tweaking and changing their identity appeal to be more sellable for profits. So Eminem for example changed his Identity in his latest album ‘Recovery’ putting out a reaching out persona to another category of fans, broadening his overall identity perspective.

In the video clip above we can see that Hip hop has impacted the world on such a global scale that people want to learn and know more about it, getting taught about the different ideas produce behind the stereotyped ideas of what people may think of hip hop culture.

Dooley, J, 2007, Hip Hop World – Where the Local Meets the Global, Canada, June 20-22 2007


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