It’s the Global Way of Life…

It's the Global Way of Life...

When we think about the way we live in today’s society the word that best describe it is ‘Global’. We are living in a world filled with global traits and features. The way we dress, eat, talk, learn and buy etc… is all Globally infused, influenced and characterised. Our choices now have a global impact. Basically I think that we are no longer one single culture, its mixed and intertwined.

We can now visit certain spots in Australia which have been transformed and made to represent a international destination, such as Sydney having its own ‘China Town’, and Melbourne has a ‘Greek precinct’. So now days the wanting of international foods is a step away instead of a 19hour plane trip. Anyone up for some Thai?? Italian?? Indian?…
We have become so used to it as well that people forget the true essence of what globalisation means and we have lost the urge to go out and explore our world as everything is in our reach. We are also noted as taking it for granted, these are tradition and have a strong historic background which we should all be aware of before we become accustom to it being a norm of our society.
Technology is the biggest example of the ways that global thinking has made us becomes global humans; we are the reason as to why this day and age is global… because we create it and make it happen. We are able to read International news and know what is happening by a click of a button across the country. Through the use of ‘Skype’, ‘Twitter’ and other social networking site we are able to build up a contacts list of international and domestic friends and acquaintances, its pretty amazing!
Jobs are becoming increasingly global and the advantages of having a cultural speaking ability, boosts your chances of securing a career. Business is very culturally influenced and having the understanding enables us to create media and advertising to suite and communicate the intended message to create profit.

Do you think that globalisation is a positive or a negative?
Well I’m going to focus on it being a positive! It offers us an interconnected and time saving way to communicate across far distances. It gives people who would never have experienced any global/intercultural experiences. It allows cultures to come together and share their traditions and ways of thinking. There is increased availability of variety of non-domestic goods. Anything that cannot be produced in Australia would not be available without globalisation. Businesses can export cheap labor to save money. They can then pass the savings on to their consumers resulting in lower prices. Globalization also brings in capital (investment money) from outside sources. This can help the economy grow. Although there is many negatives attached to this concept, I think positive thinking it better thinking!

In any time globalisation was bound to happen and is ever growing with new trends in fashion, food, living and religion etc. Without these changes being introduced we would all be living in a bland and non-educated way. This global world=Global thinking! I think we, as a country should embrace the global way and make it into a positive feature of our way of living, because it’s always going to be there and makes life interesting!


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